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Factory overview

About T-SoX. 

T-SoX  Indoor Trainer description


Soarcise bicycle training platform, 2021 will launch T-SoX (Training So eXercise), and U.CR+ sponsored Spanish professional team club Fernando Barceló Team measured 10,000 kilometers measured and UCI European race training victory formula, provided by eHuntSun APP Different exercise prescriptions and training modes allow users to independently train at home in the post-epidemic era to simulate Yellow Jersey yellow jersey (shortest time player), Green Jersey green jersey (sprint king), White Jersey white jersey under 25 years old (young players lead the king ), Red Jersey Red Dot White Shirt (King of Climbing), etc. Enjoy the professional team training App secrets.

T-SoX adopts the latest patented guidance technology of adjustable elevation angle, and can be used with general commercially available climbing angle devices. T-SoX considers the deviation law of inertia of the dynamic riding posture, and offsets the error power error value of the law of inertia The increase is ±3% (40~60KM, resistance 30W, please provide data), (general brands are called ±1% in the very low power 23W resistance test), Soarcise creates a more realistic experience and a precise sports training experience.


The new Soarcise dynamic balance realistic axle chassis seat can rebound the inertia of real-world riding tires, creating a sense of road riding at home like outdoor riding. With the new SoX dynamic immersive axle seat to create a 5°??? Please provide the data inertia change, so that the training pedaling is closer to the road riding, and the more accurate T-SoX can be used to create stable and realistic training.

The eHuntSun APP will be compatible with commercially available Ant or Bluetooth systems to monitor and monitor the speed, heartbeat, resistance, etc., and with the T-SoX machine, there will be exercise testing and monitoring, and it will provide sports prescription recommendations and training goals for players of different levels. Effectively achieve training goals.

eHuntSun APP will be able to connect with related professional sports coaches or physicians, according to the ACSM American Sports Medical Association indicators, with T-SoX machine and small discount training, provide related online remote health promotion consultation and records, and can do health management in the future AI management.

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Soarcise (索賽斯)自行車訓練台,2021 將推出T-SoX (Training So eXercise),與U.CR+贊助西班牙職業車隊俱樂部 Fernando Barceló Team 實測1萬公里實測與UCI歐洲賽訓練勝利方程式,eHuntSun APP提供不同運動處方與訓練模式,讓使用者在後疫情時代能居家自主訓練模擬Yellow Jersey黃衫(最短時間選手),Green Jersey綠衫(衝刺王),White Jersey白衫25歲以下(年輕選手領先王),Red Jersey紅點白衫(爬坡王)等享受職業隊訓練App秘笈。

T-SoX透過可調式仰角角度最新專利導正科技,併可搭配一般市售爬坡仰角器使用,T-SoX考慮動態騎程姿勢的偏移慣性定律,並將偏移慣性定律誤差功率誤差值提升為 ±3%(40~60KM,阻力30W請提供數據),(一般品牌在極低功率23W阻力測試號稱±1%), Soarcise打造更實境體驗與精準運動確實訓練體驗。


全新 Soarcise動態平衡擬真軸底盤座,可將實境騎程輪胎回彈慣性,打造居家訓練猶如戶外騎乘時的騎乘道路感。搭配全新 SoX 動態擬真軸座,讓訓練踩踏更貼近道路騎程,與更準確的 T-SoX 搭配,創造穩定而真實的訓練。

eHuntSun APP  將可搭配市售Ant或藍芽系統,將轉速,心跳,阻力等變因與監測,搭配T-SoX機台將有運動測試與監控,提供不同等級選手運動處方建議與訓練目標,可以有效達到訓練目標。

eHuntSun APP 將可串接相關專業運動教練或醫師,以ACSM美國運動醫療協會指標依規,搭配T-SoX機台與小折訓練,提供相關線上遠距健康促進諮詢與紀錄,日後可做健康管理AI管理。

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